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Now Available for Online Coaching


What I offer...

Longing to create a life you love?

Enhance your current success?


Perhaps life has hit a low point, and you seek guidance in moving forward...

I offer Personal Coaching to support your process in shaping your life. Some folks have a vision, or a clear sense of their gifts, but feel uncertain about how to generate what they know is possible. Others feel like their potential is just over the horizon, and need help arriving at their own possibilities. Or perhaps life has delivered painful adversity and you are seeking to recover balance.


Many people have come to me over the years yearning to be more of who they know they can be, so they could return to loving life, and offer something meaningful to the world.


Well, the world needs you now!

Whether you are hindered by personal, spiritual, or logistical blocks, as your coach I can help you overcome obstacles, develop self-care and wellness routines, build resiliency, and cultivate discipline, so you can feel greater personal freedom, and reveal the innate potential with which you were born. 


I work with...

I work with adults, age 18 and up, who are willing to lean into the work of self- development. Whether you want to change the world, or just get more out of your own existence, the transformation starts now, inside Yourself. Are you willing?  I love working with diverse individuals, of all ethnicities, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. (I offer a few sliding scale spots for folks currently experiencing financial hardship. Please inquire.) I recognize the complexity and intersectionality that makes up human life, and practice cultural humility. 


I love to work with activists, and anyone dedicated to understanding their own privileges and biases in order to work more diligently toward racial equality, inclusiveness, and a non-violent world. Together we can explore accountability, action, and self-care practices that can support your passion for social change.

I also love to work with spiritual seekers who are open to non-dual consciousness philosophy, and exploring the interconnectedness of life. If you are seeking to develop a spiritual practice, and/or wish to explore spiritual experiences you are having, I am here to help facilitate that integration.

About me...

For 15+ years I have been involved in community building, personal transformation, social justice activism, and spiritual development. I am a licensed Psychotherapist, with a private practice, and I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. In addition, I am a trained meditation facilitator and I am a certified Level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Perhaps most importantly, in the face of great adversity, I am building a life for myself that exceeds my wildest expectations. I believe in walking my talk, and am committed to my own personal growth.  What this looks like for me is a daily meditation practice for 10+ years, with on-going immersive learning in the fields of consciousness philosophy, anti-racism, and depth psychology.


 In gratitude and humility, I hope to pay forward my sense of fulfillment by helping others find theirs. 

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What it looks like...

We can work one-to-one through Personal Coaching Sessions, by video or phone, which are 50 minutes each week, and consistent attendance is highly recommended for maximum efficacy. A Coaching alliance may not have a set length of duration, as each relationship is different, and our work will be based on your unique needs and pacing. To learn more about my experience and skills, visit my Psychotherapy website.

I also offer Reiki, via video or phone, these sessions are also uniquely tailored to fit your needs, so can vary in length, frequency and price. Reiki is a Japanese healing art that does not require physical proximity. Benefits include relaxation, mental clarity, and more stabilized energetic rhythms in the body, such as increased vitality and better sleep. Reiki can be a gentle yet potent supplement to Coaching, or other healing modalities you may be pursuing. Click here to learn more about Reiki, from the lineage of my teachers.

If you want to learn more about breathwork and meditation, I can facilitate a Beyond Breath Workshop for you and your friends, or direct you to a pre-scheduled workshop. These interactive, experiential sessions are fun, relaxing, and connective. They are approx 90 minutes long, via video conference, and serve as an introduction the Art of Living Foundation (a world wide service org that builds community, and specializes in teaching breath & meditation & Vedic wisdom.)



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